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Talent Recruiting It is important to recruit top talent for many reasons. According to Oracle, if an organization hires a top performer, then it is proven that 10 million can be added towards their revenue. This is only effective if the new hire is willing to stay longer than a year. Recruiting is very essential in achieving this goal, and that is why companies need to create some effective criteria for recruiting. Many organizations struggle to find and attract candidates according to Mpatterson. Therefore, organizations need to follow five steps to achieve maximum success in recruiting. These criteria involve position profile, strategic sourcing, systemization, calculated decisions, and on boarding. The first criteria to use to recruit the best talent for the talent pool of an organization is position profile. Oracle stated that position profile is not just a job description and it clarifies how an employee will pay back to the organization’s purpose. Position profile generally plans the way an organization will perform and what their success will look like (Mpatterson, 2014). Position Profile will help to find out the process of souring, selection and on-boarding. Also, it will help to support the first 90 days of employment. The next criteria can be described as strategic sourcing. This criteria is important because attracting employees is very important when it comes to marketing an organization’s services (Mpatterson, 2014). Strategic sourcing also helps to identify the employee’s backgrounds, skills and experience and it helps to find the ideal employees for the organization. This is a huge benefit because it creates the right messages to attract the ideal candidate and endorse the value of the organization. Strategic s... ... middle of paper ... ...the market so any small mistake in hiring can decrease their profits. Resources: Mpatterson. (2014, April 19). Finding, Attracting and Selecting the Best Talent. Retrieved from attracting-selecting-best-talent-5-key-fundamentals-needed-recruitment-process/ Mpatterson. (2014, April 19). Finding, Attracting and Selecting the Best Talent. Retrieved from S. (2016). The Pros and Cons of Internal vs External Recruitment - Resources, tools and downloads from SES Recruitment - SES Recruitment. Retrieved from
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