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I attend Boone Career and Technical Center, with a concentration in pharmacy. Pharmacy is a branch of medicine dealing with drugs and medications and their effects on the human body. My program at BCTC gave me the opportunity to participate in a clinical internship, which exposes me to many more opportunities and valuable information. I am currently enrolled in the PassAssured pharmacy technician program, and before I could start my internship I had to educate myself of the basic pharmacy operations. The classroom alone provides a plethora of knowledge, but when combined with participation in a clinical internship, the learning never ends. I began my internship by touring the hospital and getting to know the staff and the layout of the hospital. The day after the tour, I began my internship. At first I observed the pharmacy team, which was usually two pharmacists and about three or four pharmacy technicians. They would go to lunch five or so minutes after I arrived there, however one of the technicians never ate lunch, so she was able to show me some things and let me participate in hands-on activities. In fact, on my very first day, she walked me around the hospital for a mini tour, and showed me where everything in the pharmacy is. While observing I was able to see the roles of each employee. The pharmacists are more authoritative and often checked the work of the technicians, whose job is more labor-intensive. The technicians stock drugs and supplies, fill prescriptions, fill carts, prepare IVs, and even package pills manually into unit-dose packages. These observations were eye-opening to the multitude of duties a pharmacy team has. My clinical internship exposed me to an opulent amount knowledge and skills related to workin... ... middle of paper ... ...ause making new friends is not something I’m good at or enjoy doing, but I’m glad I did. Communication is a key component in a pharmacy, and almost any job for that matter, so opening up and meeting new people was a great thing to have happen during my internship. All in all, my clinical internship was an utter success. I attained my goal of finishing the internship with more than the required hours and I will forever consider it one of my major accomplishments in life, which is a confidence booster. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and everything that I have gained both intellectually and socially. Prior to starting my clinicals, I was nervous, skeptical, and second-guessing myself, however I am happy that I actually decided on participating. This experience has opened my eyes to the real world and what I have coming my way and I can now say that I am ready.

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