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The proposed project will improve government ability to recruit high-quality candidates and create effective competition with both the private sector and the other levels of the government for the quality candidates. Being a corporate human resource and a public service commission element, the project will respond to the perception levels and the employee engagement relayed through the corporate employee surveys. An element of performance management will involve complimenting the human resource values build upon existing departmental recognition activities. Project scope The project will include recognition activities for all departments within the government. It will address both department components and the corporate components of recognition. It will also include the guidelines to govern both the corporate and department activities although it will not cover the mandatory requirement. The project will incorporate the framework, guidelines, research summary and the tools to be developed and implemented before December 2016. Project objectives The overall purpose of the employee recognition framework project will involve creating a workplace culture within the organization that will include the regular recognition and feedback. The project will aim at recognizing all the employees for their high-quality services as well as their commitment to the public service. It will reinforce linkages between employee performance and the goals of the organization in order to achieve the corporate goals. To have departmental activities recognition, the project will provide guidelines, tools and support for each individual department as well as developing and implementing corporate recognition activities. Project deliverables out of scope The ... ... middle of paper ... ...hanging the scope. Operational Executive support Continued executive support should have priority within the organization as it is critical to demonstrate that the project is ongoing. This can be mitigated by executing a communication plan with a regular communication with the project sponsors. Governance Staff dedication There could be a delay in carrying out the project since the organization staff may not be able to dedicate sufficient time for the project. The staff turnover may lead to loss of function and expertise in the project. Selecting a separate staff may reduce the delay (McKeever, 2006). People Infrastructure The technological systems which the team need to access during the project should be in place before their first step into the project. Technical architecture, servers and the related systems should be included in the project plan. Operational

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