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Using the discussion from the text, how would your team describe the difference between a goal in the strategy? Identify both the goal and the strategy for company that you are famil-iar with.
In order to have a successful organization in today’s society, top managers must set goals and have strategies in place to compete in a competitive environment. Establishing goals and strategies makes a company unique within the market place in different industries. Goals and strategies give a sense of structure to organizations. Setting goals and strategies help managers to have a competitive and structural working atmosphere within a company. A manager’s choice of goals and strategies strongly influence the way an organization will be designed for the present and the future (Daft, Richard L. Organization Theory & Design 2013, 2010, Mason, OH). Top management must keep in mind that goals and strategies will make an organization cross over to an ever-changing environment. Every organization has a purpose. Goals and strat-egies pretty much define the purpose of a company. Different departments of an organization may establish their own goals in order to reach the goal or purpose of the organization. “Goals are often a company’s statement of intent and they are often a statement that is written down or documented and goals define where you want the organization to go”. (Daft, Richard L. Or-ganization Theory & Design 2013, 2010, Mason, OH). “A strategy is the plan for interacting with the competitive environment to achieve organizational goals and a strategy is how you are go-ing to get there”. (Daft, Richard L. Organization Theory & Design, 2013, 2010, Mason, OH). Goals and strategies define operations and relationships with employees, custo...

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...10, Mason, OH). In this manner, employees share information and coordinate their tasks with min-imal supervision. As a manager, our team would work very hard to build long lasting relation-ships which would be built on integrity, trust, mutual respect, credibility, shared goals with dif-ferent strategies, commitments, and ideas. (Daft, Richard L. Organization Theory & Design 2013, 2010, Mason, OH). A system would be put in place to make sure that employees are evaluated on their duties to make sure that communication channels are effective and accu-rate. Mentor programs would be set up to provide assistance for employees and skill sets to build relational coordination. As mentioned, communication is key in relational coordination. When relational coordination in an organization is utilized correctly, operations will be a suc-cess and the workflow will be efficient.
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