Same-sex marriage

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My grandparents on my mother and father’s side of the family view marriage exclusively as a union of two people, each of the opposite sex. My parents, who are in there forties, have the same view of marriage. While I am not completely comfortable with the idea of same-sex marriage, I am much more accepting of it than either my parents or grandparents. Some might find it odd that I do not have the same feelings concerning same-sex marriage as my parents and grandparents; they, after all, have provided me with the foundation of my belief system. What many people seem to forget, however, is that many factors influence how an individual feels about same-sex marriage. First, the era in which a person was born influences her/his outlook on same-sex marriage. Second, a person’s religious background helps to inform her/his position on same-sex marriage. And third, an individual’s exposure or lack thereof to lesbian and gay people affects how she/he feels about same-sex marriage.
In today’s society, we are much more accepting of same-sex marriage than ever before. We show it through states legalizing gay marriage, famous athletes and actors publicizing their homosexuality, and by music, television, and magazines, etc. portraying gay couples to be conventional. These portrayals influence children and young adults of this generation’s outlook on same-sex message, purposely or not. No matter where you look nowadays, you cannot seem to avoid the topic of homosexuality. Just within the past decade we have seen homosexuality play a significant role in politics, specifically elections. The subject legalizing gay marriage has become a major part in candidate debates. These portrayals to all of the children and young adults in this era’s have a sub...

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...he older generation not being accepting.
In conclusion, the era in which someone is born in, a person’s religious background, and an individual’s exposure to gay and lesbians are all factors that influence how someone feels about same-sex marriage. In today’s society we are much more accepting to gay marriage due to the amount of exposure we see on a day-to-day basis, but many of our parents and grandparents are against it due to the lack of exposure they experienced growing up as well as their religion. Religion undeniably plays a significant role in positions about any subject, and a major influence on a specific person’s views on same-sex marriage. Regardless how someone’s parents and grandparent’s feel toward gay rights, everyone is entitled to her/his own opinion and belief, and we should respect everyone’s views as we expect and hope our views are respected.
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