Same sex marriage

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Same sex marriage has become an astronomically immense controversial topic that has been brought up all over the world. This issue continues to be a big concern to plenty of people throughout our society. Today, it is perpetually verbalized about all over the media such as the newspapers, television news, articles, and many others. Many people have their own notions when it comes to Gay/Lesbian marriage. God created one man and one woman to join hands together in a union of marriage, but in many states it is starting to become legal to get married with a same sex partner. Same sex marriage is commencing to become licit in many states throughout the United States of America, and there are a few countries that have legalized it as well. The United States of America was founded upon biblical principles. So why has the government in some states legalized same sex marriage? Why does same sex marriage keep being looked at as a possibility in this country? I do not believe that same sex marriage should be recognized or approved in any state. Although our society has varying opinions on this topic, it is not natural, the media attempts to influence what people think on the topic, and the Holy Bible says it is wrong.
The way our society acts now reflects what society will be like in the future. Society is made up of many different religions such as: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, as well as many other religions. All of these religions are against homosexuality. The vast majority of our society has a certain type of religion. Wouldn’t you say that the majority of the people in our society practice one of these religions? What this means is that the majority of our society sees marriage as a union between one man and on...

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...the government to allow same sex marriage just because someone from the homosexual society went before them imploring for same sex marriage to be legalized doesn’t mean it should or be considered as right. Redefining marriage to include homosexual couples would affect its cultural meaning and function. Doing so would damage its ability and the society's capacity to protect the relationship and all the children who are affected by this, whether those children's' future sexual orientation proves to be homosexual or heterosexual. When thinking about whether or not same sex marriage should be legal think about the society and how future generations will be affected. Create your own opinion on topics such as same sex marriage, and don’t let the media control what you think. Study the entire Bible because it validates that homosexuality is wrong and that it is a sin.
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