Same Sex Schools: The Pros And Cons Of Same-Sex School

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In this day and age girls are growing up faster than ever, trying to impress boys and making themselves look older. Boys are the number one thing on their mind and during school, that becomes a huge distraction. Same-sex schools would be very beneficial to the education of teenage girls for many reasons. There would be no boys around in the learning environment to distract the girls. The girls would not feel the need to dumb themselves down to impress boys and wouldn’t have the pressures of doing well in subjects like math and science in which boys are usually better at. Also, girls and boys mature and learn at different ages, so they will get a better education. While some people think same-sex schools are a bad idea many believe the…show more content…
Being at school should not be about getting whomever to notice you, it should be about getting the best education possible. Mixed-sex schools become an issue because of the different genders distracting each other and taking away the concentration on learning. Boys also tend to pick on girls when they like them or just for fun, which causes the girls to focus on what the boy said or did to her. The girls will most likely end of getting better grades and then getting into better or more prestigious colleges.

On the other hand, some people believe that not having males in the learning environment can be an issue. Having an all girls school can create a falsely safe environment for the students and have them be ill-prepared for the real world. When the girls get out of school and into the work environment where they have to be around the opposite sex, they may not know how to react in that situation. Girls may also not know what to deem appropriate behavior from boys and what is out of the normal, or creepy, and what kind of boys to stay away
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Classes that have to do with math and science won’t be such an issue for girls anymore because they won’t have to worry about the stereotypes that boys do better than girls in those subjects. Indeed, there has been studies done in which research from single-sex schools have shown there to be “reducing gender gaps in subjects like mathematics and science,” (Malik, Assistant Professor 150).

There are many factors that can affect how well boys and girls learn and take in information. There have been studies showing that girls learn better in warmer environments while boys learn better in colder environments. Boys also mature slower than girls do, so the material taught in mixed-sex schools are more ineffective for one sex or the other. The way in which the material is being taught is also received better by each sex depending on the way it is given (pictures, hands-on, taking notes, etc.). The needs of girls are different than those of boys, and their education should be given based on those
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