Same-Sex Marriage: The Ethics Of Homosexual Marriage

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Every little girl dreams of the day they will get married and live happily ever after. What if the little girl grows up and wants to marry a woman instead of man? Traditional marriage consist of a union between man and woman, but the LGBT community wants marriage legalized for same-sex couples now more than ever. The pressing question is whether or not same-sex marriage is ethical. It is a controversial topic that often fuels heated debates that range from the well-being of kids, religion, AIDS, and long lived family values (Thrioux & Krasemann, 282). Homosexual marriage is an evolutionary process and the views of society are evolving constantly (Von Drehle). Homosexual marriage is ethically correct because of the support from numerous ethical theories like utilitarianism, prima facie duties, and virtue ethics.
The question whether or not homosexuality itself is considered “an abomination” by God is one of the most prevalent arguments. Many non-religious people raise the question whether or not homosexuality is natural (Thiroux & Krasemann 282 & 283). Those that support gay marriage state that natural morals laws are not proven to exist and that religious laws only apply to those that follow the religion or the religious text is being misinterpreted (282 & 283). According to Olson, former lawyer and cabinet member for George W. Bush, science shows that homosexuality is not a choice, and while the Constitution allows one to have religious freedom, it does not give one the right to discriminate.
Traditional marriage is often seen as the union of man and woman through the church, but aren’t traditions changed as society evolves? Many detractors argue that the sanctity of marriage is threatened with homosexual marriage or that the m...

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... full of happiness (62). Denying others the right to be happily married and condemning their love prevents them from being happy.
In conclusion, homosexual marriage is an extremely controversial topic, but it has seen an influx of support in recent years. I believe that homosexual marriage is the right step towards a more equal world. Everyone in our world should be entitled to achieve happiness as long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s happiness. I believe that the Divine Command Theory is a sound argument if the homosexual couple was part of a religious community that condemned it, but one should not force their religion upon others nor should religion be a part of the government policies. Homosexuals have should have the same rights as heterosexuals, and denying them rights based on religious pretexts, or the unknown laws of nature, is severely unjust.
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