Same-Sex Marriage Should be Legal

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Marriage is assumed by United States citizens to be a basic human right. When asked, a child will usually say that yes, they do plan to one day be happily married. As we grow older, we realize that it is not that simple; that there are many stigmas placed on “nontraditional” marriages. Throughout the history of the United States, minorities have had to battle for their right to marry whomever they choose. Interfaith, interracial, and same-sex couples have discovered the hard way that the same “natural” rights are not granted to all citizens. Many of these battles have been fought and won, but the struggle of same-sex couples still continues to be a hotbed of discontent throughout the United States.

The United States is, fundamentally, a place where its citizens may practice their own religion without facing discrimination. The first settlers who immigrated to these lands were a small group of Puritans evading religious prosecution in Europe, hoping for asylum in the New World. Because of its roots as a sanctuary, freedom of religion has always been a core value for the United States, drawing a wide variety of religious groups to plant roots in this country. Each of these religious groups believed strongly in endogamy (the idea of marrying within one’s social group, thereby rejecting others on the basis of being unsuitable for marriage), and the people have therefore faced many hardships in attempting to marry someone from another religion. Catholic and Protestant Churches would refuse to recognize interfaith marriages; Tradition requires that a non-Jew must first convert to Judaism in order to marry within the Jewish community. In 2010, the Jewish community was up in arms over the marriage of fellow Jew ...

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