Same Sex Marriage Should Not Be Legal

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According to Christian belief, in the beginning, god made Adam a man and then made eve a woman. He gave Adam a woman, not a man, so that the human race can maintain. For thousands of years homosexuality has been a sin or misconduct in many, if not all, religions. We are continually beset with this controversial topic and now have reached an age in where homosexuality is more open and widely received than it has ever been before. Now, gay men and women fight for the right to be married. In Christianity, marriage is a life long commitment under god. It is well known to many Christians that practicing homosexuality is a major sin. How can a union, which is created for man and woman, under god, bond two partners of the same sex if it is stated in god's book that it is morally wrong? Homosexuals should be allowed to make a lifetime commitment to their partners, but it should be called something other than marriage and should not be under God.

The biggest problem the gay population faces regarding legal marriage is the Christians. A true Christian doesn't want a married gay couple to have the same title as he and his wife have, because they take the vowel under god seriously. A firm believer would say that a gay marriage is absurd. Homosexuality goes against nature because we were given sexual organs for the purpose of reproduction, not for pleasure. It is believed that homosexuals will be forsaken for committing abominable acts and, through some misinterpretations, also deserve death. When gay pride walks are taking place, some Christians protest this in the name of Jesus. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah, in the bible, is one filled with vivid pictures of the cities' destruction mainly because of the overindulgence of ...

... middle of paper ... and a different name. They would both be different, yet they would mean the same thing. In the land of the free, we cannot deny anyone of the freedom to proclaim their love at anytime. Because true Christians know that it's all about love. Love for god, love for self, and love for each other.

When it comes to it we shouldn't judge each other, just let a higher power decide. Many people's religion will not allow any fondness to gay marriage but perhaps we can come to an agreement. Most Americans don't believe that it is right for same sex marriage and would probably feel more comfortable if gays could have a different ceremony and marriage license. Every man is responsible for himself, so don't worry about if gays are condemned to hell, let god be the judge. But there should not be a spiritual marriage and a sacred marriage like the one between a man and a woman.
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