Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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Same sex marriage is a topic that I feel will never fade away. Just recently the United states congress granted that all states are legalized for same sex marriage. Yet today we still see controversy between people, religion, and society in general over same sex marriage. My theory is, if it doesn 't effect your life, I do not believe that it is not in your morally doings to tell a couple why it is wrong for them to join in Holy matrimony. Now that all 50 states have legalization of same sex marriage. Homosexual couples now have the right to able to complete their love by getting married. Before the legalization of same sex marriage in all 50 states, each state used to have their own same sex marriage laws and rights. Now that we have finally legalized in all 50 states the laws are all the same. I have come to realize that many people still have a major problem with the United States choice on legalizing same sex marriage. Many of the people who perceive a problem with same sex marriage are those of a religious background. I personally know of a situation concerning a lutheran congregation foreseeing a problem with two homosexual joining in Holy matrimony under their churches roof. In this situation I saw many problems. One of the men that was trying to become one with their love of their life was the churches organist. He had volunteered quite frequently for the church and the community. For the congregation to go against him like that is not Christian at all. There was such an uproar over this situation that it drove the pastor away from the church. She was overwhelmed with joy to be asked to wed the two men, but the congregation got out of hand and began to face her with threats. People would show up to her house at night w... ... middle of paper ... ... if they were born loving the same-sex. They did not choose to be like that, God made them like that. With that in mind why do people think that it is okay to degrade those based on their sexuality? If you are degrading those made by God, are you in anyway degrading God? Why must one change their overall moral decision just to please those with a different moral opinion. I believe that Rabbi Gordon Tucker made the right decision with following what he morally believes in. I think that all and all reasoning should win over anything. Just for the fact that they either made their decision based on what their own moral views or which decision would create an overall happiness for everyone. I believe that they both would have had great reasoning to back both of their decisions. I truly do not believe that they made their decision based on what their religion believed.

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