Same Sex Marriage Persuasive Essay

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Same sex marriage is a very controversial topic in today’s society. We live in a society filled with ignorance. The ignorance that poisons the minds of people that oppose same sex marriage blinds them from the reality of the “problem”. People argue that same sex marriage should be illegal for reasons that will have no negative impact on their lives. The reality of this topic is that legalizing same sex marriage promotes the increase of adoption, human rights and equality, as well as the separation of the church and state.
Marriage equality has a positive effect on adoption. There are over hundreds of thousands of orphans that wait to be adopted by parents and most of the time, it doesn’t happen. Gay couples fight for their right to celebrate their love for one another. It will be no different with a child in the picture, as they will shower them with the same love. Overall, gay marriage will expand the odds for a large number of foster kids to increase cherishing parents and families. After all, we say that children are the future, therefore we should be promoting the increase of adoption regardless
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One cannot deny that one of the main justifications as to why gay marriage is presently unlawful is due to the religious understanding that homosexual individuals are sinners. The reason being is, when an individual violates the natural ethical order founded by God, that person sins and insults God. An individual who professes to follow the teachings of God must oppose to same sex marriage as it is considered unethical and immoral. In addition, gay marriage will consequently invade our right to freely exercise our religious freedoms. A pastor shouldn’t be obligated to marry a homosexual couple or a church shouldn’t be forced to be the site of a gay wedding. Legalizing same sex marriage would mean imposing the first amendment rights of our
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