Same-Sex Marriage And Marriage Equality

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Marriage Equality
Same-sex marriages have progressively become more common in America, as the evolution of marriage continues. Gay couples now have a greater opportunity of being accepted for whom they are compared to years ago. The current situation on same-sex marriage is not the most ideal, however, America is expressing optimism (Richey W.). Federal judges are considering gay marriage bans unconstitutional, and more states have now legalized same-sex marriage (17 Legal). Same-Sex marriage is now legal in 17 states either by the court decision, the state legislature, or the popular vote (17 Legal). Although public attitudes toward same-sex marriage and homosexuality in general have become more accepting in the recent years, a sizeable segment of the U.S. population still views limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples as both a good public policy and morally right (Gay Marriage). The act of same-sex marriage has been banned in 33 states either by Constitutional Amendment and State laws (17 Legal). Although, same-sex marriages are still being rejected by more than half of the United States, the gay community still expresses optimism on obtaining freedom and equality on marriage.
The gay community has been fighting a constant battle for their gay rights and marriage equality. Gay marriage has been a highly charged issue ever since Hawaii’s Supreme Court first put it on the national stage (Gay Marriage). In 1993, the supreme court of Hawaii issued a decision in the case of Baehr v. Miike that led many to believe that the court was on the verge ordering the state to allow same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses (Gay Marriage). Since Marriages in one state are usu...

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