Same-Sex Marriage

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Legalize Same-Sex Couple Marriages in Florida
The purpose of this paper is to discuss why same-sex couples should be allowed to get married in the state of Florida. LBGT (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender) having been fight for their rights for years and recently marriage has become a big issue because LBGT are standing up for their rights. Same-Sex marriage has become a major issue. So major in fact, that it is considered unconstitutional. Same-sex couple want to have the same martial rights and families as heterosexual couples. Some homosexual couples are passing away and their partners are losing their rights to claim their partner’s assets. The current approach for same-sex couple marriage needs to be changed because individuals are letting their religious beliefs pass laws that restrict homosexual couples from becoming married and have the same rights as married heterosexual couples. The reasoning given from individuals behind this is that marriage should be one man and one woman for the children’s sake. All the States need to allow for all citizens to have equal rights with the United States Constitution and without defending conservatives or religious associations.
Marriage signifies love to same-sex couples in the same way as it signifies to everyone. Same-sex couples would like to get married to make a lifetime commitment to that special somebody they love and want to protect their families. When a couple gets married it is one of the few times when a couple can make a public promise to and in front of their friends and family to love and be accountable for each other. Same-sex couples may seem dissimilar from heterosexual couples, however they share similar beliefs. One of the most important values they share are t...

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...shed or religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” These laws that support religious beliefs and is against people practicing personal beliefs are contradicting the First Amendment. Same-sex couples have been advocating for their rights for many years. If we are in a democratic society we should not be ignoring them. My recommendation for same-sex marriage is to allow all citizens to be married no matter their sexual preference. Same-sex couples should be recognized in every state as well as federally, with same legal rights, opportunities, and benefits afforded to a heterosexual couples. Acknowledgement of freedom of religion will still exist however, religion should not be the factor on whether same-sex couples could get married. Being able to get married is a constitutional civil right to liberty and equality for all citizens of the United States.
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