Same-Sex Marriage

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In C.S. Pearce’s The Christian Case for Gay Marriage he talks about the Christians’ change in view on gay marriage. Pearce goes over the usual need for Christians to use the Bible to support their view. Pointing out through the article Pearce brings up the point that most of the verses used are in the Old Testament of the Bible in the old law brought to the Jews by Moses. The new law brought to the people by Jesus Christ talks about love. One passage that really covers marriage said by Jesus is when Jesus is talking about the horrors of divorce. He was trying to stop the men of the time, and men of times to come, from divorcing their wives to simply go onto the next. Even though Pearce had some great points in his article there were some flaws in the argument. He had no support from any of the religions and their teachings to support him. The Catholic Church has generations of tradition and doctrine to support their belief against gay marriage. Many people have the problem with the marriage. A marriage by tradition is a union between a man and a woman. Even though the dictionaries ...

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