Same Sex Marriage

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In the last couple of decades the idea of gay marriage has been a heavily debated topic in the world. On both sides there are people who fight for and fight against this right which is slowly being adopted in many places such as the US. Throughout time, the issue on same sex marriage has been disputed for various reasons. Devoe emphasizes this reasoning in an article entitled, “Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t About Freedom,” which states “Gay marriage is individual freedom’s ‘decisive blow’ because it destroys the last communal restraint: traditional marriage” (Devine). Even with people’s disapproval to gay marriage, there are others who are strongly for it. Same sex marriages are able to benefit the society in many ways such as political, economical and even socially. Society’s overall viewpoint of same-sex marriage has evolved throughout time socially from negative reasons to positive outcomes. Many people were opposed to the idea of gay marriage because of religious beliefs and traditional values that has been set long before. Although with people opposing to the rights of gay marriage , there are those who are now accepting the idea of equality amongst its people,Wade observes a research in an article which states, “Fourteen percent of Americans say that they used to oppose same-sex marriage, but they now support it”. In regards to traditional family views, same sex marriages encourages strong family values and acceptance. Taking a look at a family where both spouses are the same gender, their perspective would most likely be less judgemental than of those who are not homosexual. Same-sex marriage does not display any harm amongst society or anyone in particular. Marriage is a right chosen between two people, and should not be restricted on who those two people are. “Marriage is a commitment that says ‘I love you so much that I want to live the rest of my life with you.

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