Same Character Does Not Mean Same Path

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Othello, in the artistic play Othello by William Shakespeare and Jay Gatsby in the well-written novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, are protagonists who live the same failure of a life in different contexts; in contrast, Iago and Tom are antagonists who live two completely opposite lives. To begin with, the characters Othello and Jay are both well-known men who end up loosing everything they have and themselves because they are easily deceived. First, Othello is a man with a great reputation, know as he is strong and wise but this ability of his deceives him when it comes to trusting and believing Iago, his so-called dependable companion and friend. Othello unaware of Iago’s wicked plan believes he is reliable “I know thou are full of love and honesty, and weigh is thy words before thou give them breath” (Shakespeare, 3, 3, 117-120). This selfish man accuses Desdemona, Othello’s wife, of unfaithfulness when she is really the perfect woman and she never did anything that could harm her marriage or trouble her beloved husband “Beshrew me, if I would do such a wrong for the whole world!” (Shakespeare, 4, 3, 76-77). Othello, who had a truly beautiful beginning of a marriage life, made a mistake and trusted the wrong person, and that lead him to kill his innocent spouse but also totally disgrace his reputation, which makes him then kill himself too. The Moor is a physically strong man as his participation in numerous successful wars suggests; although this is true he is mentally weak as he is unable to confront Desdemona; in fact nor can he face people’s judgments once the news spreads. Likewise, Jay Gatsby is an innocent man, sadly deceived by Daisy’s superficial love that he believes so strongly into, that he based all his... ... middle of paper ... ...but most importantly he was alive and free of Jay’s attempts of taking his wife away. As a matter of fact, he probably was also freed of the guilt of a cheater; since myrtle is dead he literally had nothing to worry about, which is if he ever felt guilt. In brief, Iago and Tom’s situations are two very reverse scenarios as Iago put so much effort into his evil plan and fails while, Tom had it all from the beginning and still manages to keep it all his till the finish. At last, as we come to study these four characters, it is evident they have similarities; nonetheless they live such different lives. Their paths differ depending on how they choose to deal with the complications life places for them. Work Cited Fitztgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. Scribner: New York, 2004. Print. Shakespreare, William. Othello. Oxford University Press: Cambridge, 1989. Print.
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