Sam Walked At The Cafeteria

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Stumbling through the crowd, Sam walked to the cafeteria. His packed lunch was plopped onto the table as he sat in usual seat. His table was located in the corner of the cafeteria, secluded. Sam was quite content with this, not minding have any company, peacefully eating his lunch in simple bites. This was a normal day for Sam, surviving his first year of high school by not interacting with anyone, just trying to pass by. He intended to get through his education quickly and painlessly. The latter was unlikely due to a few factors, but he was trying his best to not incite actions against his well-being with the upperclassmen. Sam shook away these thoughts, trying to concentrate on eating and heading off to the library where he could read and relax. After lunch, Sam went to class and partook in discussions that the teacher had stimulated. Each day was similar to this one, classes, lunch, library, and then more classes. The end of each day was about the same. Sometimes his father would call the school to notify Sam to walk home or to wait for his arrival. Most of the time, the father would not have time to take his son home. This did not bother Sam, he did not mind. As Sam walked home, he stayed wary. He always was the cautious type, trying not to cause trouble or get into danger. Once he reached his house, Sam kicked off his shoes and went to his room and do his stacks of homework. He placed his books on his desk and went back to the kitchen for a snack. As he ate, the home phone rang and the machine received a message. Sam’s father exclaimed that he was almost done with work and would be home soon, he also offered to take Sam to the movies once he finished his homework. After the message ended, Sam smiled and hurried back to his ... ... middle of paper ... ...t he would only make a fool of himself and disappoint his father. Sam knew his father was trying to cheer him up, but hearing about a place that takes his father’s time away from his son is not a way to do so. Sam’s tears were quickly wiped away as he began trying to not think about how his father’s work had caused many problems for them. His father was never able to keep all of his promises or give him attention that was not only on his day off. Today was possibly the worst day of Sam’s life. He had persuaded the bullies to let him do something other than letting them beat him up for their horrible test grades. They agreed and came up with something for Sam to do in order to entertain them during school. Sam was lead to the main office building in the front of the campus as soon as the lunch bell rang. The bullies handed him a paint canister and hinted at the wall.

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