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After leaving his second wife and his life among the Indians Samuel Houston went to Texas in 1832 to begin the most crucial part of his career as a public servant. In Texas he soon became involve in the Texans politics of rebellion, he was a delegate from Nacogdoches at the Convention of 1833 in San Felipe, in there he took sides with the radicals lead by William H. Wharton. In November 1835, he was appointed for major general of the Texas army. He was commissioned alone with John Forbes by the provisional government to negotiate a treaty with the Cherokee Indians in East Texas, establishing peace on that front. On March 2, while serving as a delegate from Refugio to the convention at Washington on the Brazos, was when the Texas Declaration of Independence was promulgated. In addition, Sam Houston received the appointment of major general of the army, becoming the leader organizer of the republic of Texas’s military forces. In his first battle against Mexico General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna made him taste his first Texan defeat defeated. The battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836 would get him revenge and he would become forever enshrined as a member of the pantheon of Texas heroes and a symbol for the age. With the defeat to Santa Ana, the treaty of Velasco was signed and Texas was finally recognized as an Independent Republic, the war with Mexico was over.

On his popularity as Old Sam Jacinto, he defeated Stephen F. Austin to become elected president of the Republic of Texas. His first term lasted from October 22, 1836, to December 10, 1838. The city of Houston was founded in 1836, it was named after him, and served as the capital of Texas during most of his first term in office; He wanted to demilitarize the republic by...

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...ed unsuccessfully to his last year plan as Senator of a protectorate over Mexico. Once again, his name was mentioned to be nominated for the presidency in May 1860 by the National Union party, lost to John Bell. With the election of Abraham Lincoln as president of the United States, discontent in Texas made him call a special session of the legislature. He was opposed to secession, and warned Texans that civil war would be the destruction of the South. The Secession Convention began actions to withdraw Texas from the Union. Houston accepted the events but refused to take the oath of loyalty to the Confederate States of America, he was removed from office. He refused the assistance of federal troops from the President Lincoln to keep in office and Texas in the Union to spare Texas from violence and at the age of sixty-eight chose the exile from public life.

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