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Sam Houston was one of the founding fathers of Texas known as a soldier, statesman and man of integrity. Spending most of his youth in Tennessee, he was impatient and reckless with a sense of adventure which lead him to the Cherokee country. His time spent with family and the Cherokee Indians is where he developed his practical, level-headed and grounded character. Houston’s passion for peace and support for the Cherokee’s came from having seen the effects of war and strife on the Indians. The values instilled from these early experiences are prevalent in Houston’s political and personal viewpoints throughout his life and career.

As a young person Sam disgruntled with civilization and not comfortable with farm or storekeeper work ran away to live with the Cherokee Tribe. Chief Oo-loo-te-ka being fond of Houston offered to adopt him and became Houston’s surrogate father figure. Sam learned the language, customs of the tribe gaining an appreciation for Indians and respect for attempts at peace over war, a character value that would provide invaluable in later years. “Life with the Cherokees was,” as Houston wrote, “greatly to his own satisfaction and comfort.” (HOUSTON, P.4) Later, during a self-imposed exile, Sam encounters Chief Oo-loo-te-ka in Arkansas where he learns of the Cherokee plight including forced moves and broken government promises. It is here where he officially became a member of the Cherokee nation in 1830 and diplomat for the Cherokee’s traveling to Washington D.C. to air grievances with President Jackson dressed like an Indian. Upon his return, he marries Tiana a part-Indian woman in Arkansas. While operating a trading post, Sam continues his support as an advocate for the Indians writing severa...

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... advised that Margaret was in Alabama and to marry her, it would have to be in Alabama at Nancy’s home. With that Houston and Margaret were married in Alabama in May of 1840. Margaret was very influential in Houston’s life enabling him to abstain from drinking and become a member of the Baptist church. Houston’s political service kept him away from home. Margaret was a homemaker building a peaceful sanctuary home family environment which appealed to Houston keeping his interest and desire for home. This plan worked as through their letters to each other, we can see their undying love for each other and their family. Houston maintained a balance between public aspirations and private desires. With Margaret he found the quiet homestead, loving wife and children he yearned for while his political aspirations provided the public esteem and fame he enjoyed.

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