Salutary Neglect Research Paper

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The British Salutary Neglect, pre-1750, advanced the colonials to a unique society. This society was filled with diverse religions and distinct legislative assemblies. It also was a society that had a diverse commerce. Salutary neglect enabled the colonists to question their beliefs and to develop their own ideas about religion. The colonists were able to develop and. Especially in the Great Awakening was the reforming of the colonists' religious beliefs obvious. It was people like George Whitefield, who stirred up the Awakening, and Jonathan Edwards, who wrote the book Faithful Narratives, who helped develop new ideas on religion. Salutary neglect denied the colonies an Anglican bishop which forced the colonies to think of other religions and thus came the…show more content…
With salutary neglect in the colonies, the Quakers and the Puritans were able to continue with their customs and traditions thus adding a diverse quality to the colonial society in which they lived. All of these actions allowed by salutary neglect enabled the colonists to create a unique society. Salutary neglect enabled the colonists to do many actions that many other English territories were not allowed, and one of these actions included making distinctive legislative assemblies. This was first seen in Virginia with the formation of the House of Burgesses, whose ideal was different than that of parliament's. Also seen in the colonies due to salutary neglect were town meetings, whose very democratic model was not seen since the classic times of Rome and Greece. Another sign of democracy which was very unique in the days of the colonies was the Charter or Privileges, which guaranteed the citizens of Pennsylvania certain privileges. Something that was also very distinctive was the Fundamental Orders written by Thomas Hooker which was a model for the constitutions to
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