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The Historic, Domestic, and Individual Aspects of Biological Weapons such as Salmonella
Imagine a weapon that had the potential to eradicate mankind with its power. The weapon is so good at its job that does not even really need a human to activate it. With this description, maybe a nuclear power plant or possibly a gigantic death ray came to mind. Alas, neither weapons are what are being referenced; but rather, biological agents. Bioterrorism is defined by as "terrorist acts involving the use of harmful agents and products of biological origin, as disease-producing microorganisms or toxins" ("bioterrorism"). This definition can be applied to many different biological weapons. With the multitude of biological agents for terrorists to utilize (Salmonella, for example), bioterrorism has haunted mankind with eye-opening power and contagious diseases that even the U.S. has trouble dealing with.
Whilst bioterrorism may seem like a fairly recent and modern method of terrorism, ancient cultures have used infectious diseases to create genocide of a group of people. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans have been known to control diseases and use them for warfare (Roffey, Tegnell, and Elgh 450-454). Also, during the battle of Pontiac's Rebellion in the French and Indian War, a British general "approved a plan to distribute smallpox-contaminated blankets to inoculate the Indians" (Alcabes 35-45). Having seen these two historic instances of biological warfare being used, one can see that this type of terrorism during times of war and hardship were actually common on the battlefield.
Knowing that bioterrorism has been around for a while, there have been numerous amounts countries that are capable of having the specific ...

... middle of paper ..., which causes diarrhea. Federal investigators located 751 cases of salmonellosis, but no deaths occurred.” (Alcabes 35-45). These types of outbreaks are so dangerous for others because there is a significant delay between the bacteria is fully incubated to the time when the symptoms manifest (Hartnett, Paoli, and Schaffner 1506-1520). If another case like the Oregon bioterrorist attack were to happen, the majority of the people infected with a normal strain of Salmonella would actually turn out to be fine after a week or so. Antibiotics and finding out what strain of Salmonella that is being used are two ways medical authorities deal with a Salmonella outbreak ("What Is Salmonellosis?"). Whilst a vaccine is not yet readily available, the antibodies given in the antibiotic therapy recovery will fight off and lessen the severity of the Salmonella symptoms ("Food").

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