Salient Features Of Polymorphism

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The phenomena of the presence or existence of different morphs or phenotypes in a particular species belonging to a particular population at the same time and place is called polymorphism. The morphs should be present in frequencies high enough to be noticed readily. Polymorphism is usually the result of mutation.
Salient features of polymorphism:
1. Polymorphism is the presence of more than one phenotypes of a species due to two or more genotypes resulting from usually mutation.
2. Different morphs are adapted to different environments.
3. All Mendelian populations are polymorphic.
4. Polymorphism helps a species to utilize natural resources from the environment more efficiently.
5. Polymorphism enables a species to get adapted in different environments.
6. Polymorphism helps the species to survive in different and hostile environments.
Types of polymorphism:
Different types of polymorphisms are present in nature such as-
1. Transient polymorphism.
2. Balanced polymorphism.
3. Geographic polymorphism.
4. Chromosomal polymorphism.
5. Single nucleotide polymorphism.
Every types have their unique characteristics. Here the top four are our topics of discussion and they will be described in this document.
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Transient state is actually an intermediate and short durable state. As the overexpressed gene replaces its native type, this phase ends. At the beginning when polymorphism was defined for the first time, it was thought that all kinds of polymorphisms are belonged to balanced polymorphism only until transient polymorphism came out as it has very distinguishable and unique characteristics than all other forms of

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