Salespeople Case Study

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1. How can salespeople earn the trust of their customers? Gaining customers’ trust is important to the crucial of an organization’s success and to be successful salespeople must demonstrate the five trust building characteristics which includes; customer orientation, expertise, dependability, candor and compatibility. It is important to know that trust is a combination of these characteristics and measured on a continuum. A customer orientation refers to determining the buyer’s unique needs before recommending a purchase and placing as much emphasis on the customer’s interest as their own. Expertise refers to the ability, knowledge and resources to meet customer expectations. Dependability is the predictability of a person’s actions. It is as simple as doing what you say you will do yet many salespeople fail on this. Candor refers to honesty of the spoken word. It is all about being upfront with others especially regarding issues. Compatibility is a measure of salesperson’s commonalities…show more content…
As value can only be defined by customers, salespeople must identify they buyer’s situation and goal to be able to create a successful customer value. Salespeople should strive to communicate to the buyer the ways the product features translate, in a functional sense into benefits for the buyer. Another factor that salespeople should discuss is how the buyer’s need will be met or how an opportunity can be realized as a result of a purchase. Salespeople should also remember that features may have many benefits and that not all features or benefits are important to buyers. As a matter of fact, the behavior as well as expertise of the salespeople can also add an important dimension when it comes to customer value. In addition, there are five criteria that salespeople can add from customer value are: Customer and market knowledge, coordination, efficiency, strategic alignment and
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