Sales Psychology Case Study

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Telling someone that he/she is free to accept a request made by Somebody leads to increased compliance with the request, whereas this Is not the case when the semantic evocation of freedom is not mentioned? How to get a person change “maybe" or even a "no" into a "yes"? Psychology forms the basics of communication. If you could understand how people think, you would be able to connect with them and eventually influence them. Here are the five secrets of sales psychology: 1. Research your customer thoroughly before your meeting. People like to feel important and the best way to achieve this is by knowing enough about the client. This will also help you ask the right questions and align your offering with the needs of the client. 2. People Like…show more content…
People Value Honesty: Be truthful about your product and company. Address the concerns before the prospective customer has the chance to come up with them. For instance, if your company is new, you can talk about the apprehension that people have in giving a chance to companies that have not built a strong brand. You can then talk about how your company has advantages over your most established competitors. Products are incalculable for the large population of the world. This means that competition is also up there when it comes to trying to sell a given product. It is not easy to come up with something that can reach beyond established brand names offering similar products. However, with the art of persuasion marketing there may be hope for gaining customers anyway. To do marketing right means to achieve high sales and this requires good strategies in place. E-mail campaigns can work, but so can social skills and knowing excellent managing of what is available in terms of resources for the products you desire to push. Quite a few industries have tried out assorted means to sell their products; it is, therefore, important to do research to see which of these have succeeded. You cannot just use all means for all products out there. It is, therefore, imperative to do your research

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