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Sales Promotion Sales promotion is a marketing strategy that companies undertake to boost their product and service sales, as well as to promote a company’s image and brand. The marketing era has replaced the mass production concept, which consisted in producing more of a product to satisfy consumer’s demand. Indeed, in the twenty-first century business world, companies are more focused on developing marketing strategies to sell and differentiate their products from their competitor’s. Sales promotion is the marketing strategy that has proven to be efficient and generate high sales response. Sale promotion is a marketing strategy used to impact consumer’s behavior. Understanding this concept may help businesses, especially new one, to compete in the global market. Contests and sweepstakes are sales promotions designed to publicize new products and attract new customers.They both reward winners participants with prizes such as travel packages, merchandises, or cash. While contests are games that required participants to resolve an enigma to win and get rewarded, sweepstakes’s winners are chosen randomly. Furthermore, sweepstakes are inexpensive, and easy to organize. This may benefit new companies, which may not have a substantial marketing budget.These promotional events offer the opportunity to customers to be familiar with the products promoted, and encourage them to buy it. Contests and sweepstakes therefore lift product’s sales by drawing consumer’s attention through entertainment and rewards. This type of sales promotion reward customers for their participation in the product launching, and their interest in the product promoted. Offering product samples to customers is a great way to promote sales. Indeed, most costumer... ... middle of paper ... ...declared in the coupon.” (405). That is, the discount associated with the coupons influence consumers purchasing behaviors. People would purchase a product for which they have a coupons that will lower its price. To define sales promotion, it is necessary to understand the different tools designed to promote sales. Contests, sweepstakes, products samples and coupons are sales promotions that encourage customers to buy a product or service. From rewards, discount prices, free products and , marketers develop efficient tools to speed up and maximize sales.The constant company’s image exposure that some of them displays, help customers be familiar with brand new products . However, sales promotion’s purpose is not only to boost sales, but to impact consumer’s behaviors. By doing so, marketers change the way people purchase, depending on the way a product is promoted.

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