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1. Sales managers are responsible for directing and leading the sales teams. By understanding the personal selling functions we will be an overall better sales force. Sales teams must be able to identify and relate to the roles of the business and sales functions at all times. By correctly managing your sales team you will boost profits and create a more profitable atmosphere. Developing the sales force is a major part of being a good manager. Development includes sales strategy, decisions, and structuring your team to best accomplish the sales objectives you have set. Directing the sales force requires attention to detail and being able to make the best of the situations. Sales is continuously changing and innovating. There are internal and external factors that can have an effect on how your sales strategy is set up. For example customers; customers are what you need in order to profit.(pg. 5) Your customers are what drives the business, so in order to become successful you need good customer relationships. Sales managers need to look at the overall environment as well. From the sales floor to the head of the company everyone needs to be on the same page about what is acceptable and what is not. (pg. 8)

2. Changes that sale's managers will encounter would include are, trends, fads, and policy changes. Many factors change how sales are done, you need to recognize the changes and be able to act accordingly. As I previously mentioned the customers are a large factor in sales. To become successful you need to make transactions but in time you should be able to get to know your customers and gain relationships that will not ensure but be a better driving force of your sales and ultimately profits.(pg. 10) As a sales manager recogniz...

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...portant in retail and business to business. By creating relationships and making the sale more about the customer rather than the commission or otherwise you gain long term transactions that will pay much better dividends as you continually make sales with the same business or person.(pg. 56) Sales should be about making relationships and setting life time "brand" loyalty to you or your product or service Sales dialog would be used in the stimulus response and the consultative selling. During the stimulus response the consumer may need a boost to try your product or service, therefore you may need to give them a little coaxing to help the decision making process.(pg. 58) During the consultative selling you may need to give them a reason to continue and become a valued relationship customer. Those are the analytical approaches to selling in the business environment.
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