Salem Witch Trials Cause

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The Salem Witch Trials has been a well-known topic and known for how tragic it was and all the wrongful deaths it brought; but what caused all of this to occur? It was a time in which numerous, innocent people (mostly women) were killed because they were believed to be partaking in witchcraft. There are several possible causes as to why the Salem Witch Trials occurred. The Salem Witch Trials stemmed from the belief that Satan is acting in the world, whether it be through giving a disease or recruiting new witches to work for him, kids that were bored and brought it upon themselves to lie that they were witches to have fun, feuds between those in the community, and confessions leading town officials to believe that their belief that witchcraft…show more content…
Before the Salem Witch Trials even began there were still accusations of witchcraft being made starting with Margaret Jones in 1648 but no one had ever confessed before, giving the town officials/judges nothing no evidence that witchcraft existed ("The Salem Witch Trials: Facts & History"). What the main cause of the Salem Witch Trials was believed to be was Tituba when she confessed to witchcraft. This community was highly religious and had a strong fear of Satan, as mentioned above, therefore when Tituba confessed that she as well as others were witches working for Satan, it caused mass hysteria and caused the massive witch hunt to begin ("The Salem Witch Trials: Facts & History"). Before Tituba confessed there had been no proof that witchcraft existed, however, after she did this led to a witch hunt due to the belief that there could be more “witches” out there causing destruction to the…show more content…
The fear of Satan in Salem and him acting in the world was a major contributor to the cause of the Salem Witch Trials because this was what led to the other causes of it. It is believed that the main cause that led to the numerous accusations was when Tituba had confessed which means that Satan had recruited people as new witches. Since she confessed the judges and the people of Salem believed that there must be others like her, leading to the numerous false accusations and deaths. Other smaller events leading to the start of the trials are bored children and disputes between people of the community that led to more accusations and deaths. What made all of this worse was that the courts allowed for spectral evidence to be used in court and multiple people were wronged and sentenced to death. These trials and wrongful deaths are what made up the Salem Witch Trials, these causes are to blame for this tragic historical
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