Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Witch Trials The infamous Salem Witch Trials that occurred in Salem Village (present day Danvers, Massachusetts) will forever go down in the history books as one of nation’s greatest example of mass hysteria. The 17th century was a time period of drastic stress and hardship for the Massachusetts Bay colony, being so far from their English heritage. They face forming a new government that was based purely on their religion of Puritanism. Many historians seek to discover the true cause of the outrageous Salem Trials with theories ranging from theatrical adolescents, local feuds and property disputes, and some say that the tragedy could have occurred cause of the women or “witches” breaking from traditional roles. One of the most common theories when hearing the Salem Witch Trials is the concept of theatrical adolescents popularizing from films such as The Crucible. In the winter of 1691- 1692 several of the adolescent girls in Salem became fascinated with the concept of fortunetelling and voodoo, which at that time was practiced by a West Indian slave named Tituba (who in turn is one of the first to be accused). The adolescent girls were said to experience odd behavior such as shouting, barking, groveling, and twitching. The girls later gave the names of “Satan’s Servants” who they accused of tormenting them which were Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborne. The accusation list continued to grow after Tituba confessed and gave the names of more members in the village. Whenever women would be questioned in the courtroom the girls were said to throw hysterical fits. It is believed that the girls were so theatrical because of the dreary everyday lifestyle they underwent. Rumor even has it that some of the afflicted girls later we... ... middle of paper ... ...ossible that the Salem Witch Trial be based on the sole motives of envious and tradition stricken women? Why the Salem Witch Trials occurred will forever remain a mystery in our great nation’s history. Could it be that this bleak occurrence was to demonstrate how government based on theocracy couldn’t meet the needs of its entire people and ensure a justifiable legal system. Where neighbors of a community would turn each other in, in order to protect themselves and enact revenge on those they viewed as enemies. Or could this have it been a start for feminism but was such a new and scary concept that other women attempted to contain it. And there’s the conception of the childish plays and acts of adolescents girls who grew tired and loathsome of their lifestyle. Either way we know not of the true cause but we can only look forward and learn from this grave mistake.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the salem witch trials will forever go down in the history books as one of nation’s greatest examples of mass hysteria.
  • Analyzes how adolescent girls in salem became fascinated with the concept of fortunetelling and voodouo, popularized from films like the crucible. the accusation list continued to grow after tituba confessed.
  • Explains that in the mid- 1600s, salem was divided into two communities, the town and the village, causing indifference between both communities in different aspects.
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