Salaries Gone Unjustified in the US

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Imagine a man going to work on the farm every day. He works endlessly for hours and hours tending to the crops, feeding the animals in the hot scorching sun, wishing he could sit down and take a break… a break that just never comes. He will work until his swollen and bruised feet give out under him. He is working to put food on the table. He is working so that he won’t have to watch his wife and kids die. Now imagine a different man, he is a NFL player. He will work hard to emerge victorious. Now which man should be paid more? The farmer should, but reality is far from that. The farmer will make just enough money to put food on the table. The football player will make far more than that, he will probably make the same amount of money that the farmer will make in his entire lifetime. The salaries of professional athletes are not justified because an athlete’s job is to entertain people, because the money is wasted and because other important occupations do not pay as much.

Athletes earn millions of dollars while performing. But why is that? An athlete’s purpose is doing well in playing their sport so that they can entertain us. And just how hard do athletes even work? NFL players are some of the highest paid athletes in the world. According to Teen Ink "NFL football players, some of the highest paid professional athletes, only play sixteen regular season games, four preseason games and a maximum of four post season games, giving them a total of 24 games on the season." They play 24 games and they are paid tremendous amounts of money. And why is that? An athlete only has one job… to entertain people. All athletes are good in just one thing and that’s playing well at a sport that they should be playing well in. There are people out ...

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