Sainte Chappelle Research Paper

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Catholicism and the French Monarchy have always been intertwined since the introduction of the Catholic belief in the 2nd century. King Louis IX’s upbringing was centered around Catholicism that was at the peak of the time. Soon after his father’s death, King Louis IX sought to create a successful empire by ending the Hundred Year War and also hosting two ineffective but substantial Crusades. Near the end of his life he decided to commission a significant chapel that would house the ‘Passion Relics’ and create a pilgrimage site for Catholicism. Through the commissioning of Sainte Chappelle in Paris, King Louis who was deeply rooted in Catholicism, brought prosperity throughout France by founding Paris as a pilgrimage epicenter that hosts the renowned ‘Passion Relics’ that brought about the rise and power of the Catholic Church in France. The Capetian Monarchs formed alliances with the Catholic Church in order to justify their rule, showing the importance of Catholicism amongst the population. In France, Catholicism was the primary religion in France and was intertwined with the political system in France. At that time it was common knowledge that the Pope and King had a vital and interdependent relationship (Davis 194). Catholicism was introduced around the 2nd century when word spread about martyrs in Lyon in 177. In the Holy Roman Empire, Pope Leo crowned the new emperor and through this initiated the political and religious bond. France, who was associated with the Holy Roman Empire, took this idea and made Catholicism the state religion. From that point on all royal powers had ties to the Catholic Church (Hundred Years). At the time, France was being ruled by the Ancien Regime, a political system that made monarchs and... ... middle of paper ... ...c Church increased, more chapels and more relics began to appear as every person was willing to do anything to be able to get closer to their God. King Louis IX who was later named Saint Louis upon his death in August 1270, was renowned in France as a man whose saintly attitude introduced France to a whole new meaning of belief (Levron). He was admired as a virtuous, honest, and a benevolent king who kept France thriving under the never ending tension of civil war (Jacques). Sainte Chappelle itself has been praised for being one of the most beautiful chapels in Paris. The stained glass window that introduced one to the presence of God as well as the flawless implementation of the new Rayonnant Gothic style (Copperstone). Being crowned as a national monument in the 15th century Sainte Chappelle is a flawless presentation of the power of church and belief itself.
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