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One of the most famous pilgrimage churches of the Romanesque period is Saint-Sernin in Toulouse, France. Saint-Sernin was a faithful Christian church and a lot of Christian pilgrims flocked the church to see the site where St. Peter was crucified. The middle ages wasn’t a time of safe and easy travel; therefore, Pilgrims had to deal with harsh storms, thieves, and maybe even travel in groups to lower the chances of trouble. The journey lasted months and a great amount of money had to be devoted into this journey. Those who visited the church during their journey would stop buy for prayer and/or meditation. The church had many significant art styles used, but one of the most important was the ones similar to the Romans, yet their faith was different. Saint-Sernin was getting so many visitors such as painters, sculptures, and even courtiers; this led to a new and bigger church. Saint-Sernin was built in honor of Saint Saturnin, the first bishop of Toulouse, after he was killed by pagan priests. According to online sources, Saint Saturnin was martyred in 250 C.E, his feet were tied t...
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