Saint Haralambos Orthodox Greek Church

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I attended a mass at Saint Haralambos Orthodox Greek Church. The church is located in Niles which is a suburb of Chicago on Caldwell Street in between Touhy and Howard Street. The mass I went to was on the Sunday of Orthodox which is known as the first Sunday of Lent where they honor the icons. The most important foundations that are highlighted in Greek Orthodoxy are the Bible and Holy Traditions that have been passed down (“Greek Orthodox Church”). The Greek Orthodox Church believes that the bible is motivated by God. Some important dogmas of the church include things such as the Holy Trinity, Jesus, the role that Virgin Mary had, and honoring the icons. The holy sacraments are what lead Greek Orthodox believers that they are reaching the ultimate prize of deification through Christ.
The Church was very beautiful, which big wooden doors at the entrance. The Church looked very modern from the outside with a cross on top of a circular roof top. Upon entering the Narthex, which is the room before you enter the Nave which is the place the mass is conducted, there were about ten pictures of Saints around the room. People were lighting candles around them and kissing their pictures. The Narthex was very dark and the only source of light was the candles. The Nave on the contrary was very well lit with natural light coming in through the glass windows on the ceiling. The Altar was behind a wall that had pictures of angels and saints. There was a giant chandelier known as a Horos. There was also a dome ceiling that around the edges was surrounded by more angels and saints, all of their names which were written in Greek, and then in the middle of the dome was Christ’s picture which they call the Ruler of the Universe. The focal point of ...

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