Saint Ambrose: Rise Of The Charismatic Authority

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Elizabeth Bocanegra
May 29, 2014

Saint Ambrose: Rise of the Charismatic Authority

Ambrose of Milan is said to have been the doctor of the church. His masterful rhetoric and theology of doctrine was used to teach others, but more importantly was used to further the power of the church. Through various diplomatic and rhetorical tactics Ambrose of Milan managed to gain the acceptance of the people and influence those in power. Ambrose Bishop of Milan who himself makes an immense amount of contributions to the authority of the church used his influence over Roman Emperors granted to him through his charismatic authority as bishop to further the interest of the church and the poor. Through his influence over Roman Emperors Ambrose of Milan was able to greater the power of the church in the empire in a manner in which not many others could.

Ambrose was born AD 339, to a distinguished Roman family. His father, Aurelius Ambrosius, was the Praetorian Prefect of the Gauls, the highest rank in the Roman civil service. Ambrose’ education was typical of the time. He began his education around the age of seven with reading and writing, arithmetic and Greek grammar under the instruction of the pedagogue. At about the age of fourteen Ambrose continued his education and began to learn the art of oratory . Because the instructors at these institutions were normally pagans, most Christian children would also be sent to a clergyman for instruction on basic Christian elements. For this reason Ambrose was sent to Simplician, a well-educated presbyter who was well versed on philosophy and theology . It was Ambrose’ extensive education that allowed him to place himself in a position to influence others lives.
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...o the Lord through the Church. Theodosius understanding of sin and his shame for his massacre can be seen as a triumph in the churches authority, the church through Ambrose’s law will now have control over how humanity in Rome is to be punished.
The Bishop of Milan came to be known as Saint Ambrose because the many contributions to the growth of the church that he has been attributed to. He used his charismatic authority to gain the support of the people and the influence over the Emperors to make decisions that would empower the Christian Church is remarkable in a time when just a century before there was immense amount of persecution towards Christian believers. Saint Ambrose was the determining force in the early history of Christianity that allowed the rise and shift of power that permitted the church to become the governing force in the Roman Empire.
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