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Even though the children need to be in a safe environment, adoption should be easier. Adoption should be easier because children are already expensive enough and you shouldn't be able to "shop" for a child.
Imagine yourself, Once again being told to hop in the car with a kind lady who will once again drive you to an unknown place. This is a place you never seen, and going to meet people you never met before. All your belongings are packed in one little suitcase. You stare out the window and wonder who you will meet. Will they be kind? Will they have sons and daughters who will be nice to you? Will they like you? Questions go through your head as you hope that this will be the last time. That you will be able to call this place "home". Uncertainty and a little fear creeps up in your stomach, but you push in aside trying to find the smile you must fake in order to get them to like you. All you ever dream of day and night is for a stable family and a mom and dad that you will be able to call your own.
This is the fear that children go through every day. Adoption is a very scary thing for the child and the parents. Could you imagine your son or daughter having to go through this fear? No child should have to go through the mind racing games. This is heart breaking, that a child has to go through this.
WFFA has a story over a Fourteen-year old boy and his adoption story "Fourteen-year-old Ke'onte is full of life and laughter — largely because of his parents.
"If someone said they will offer you money for your parents, I'd say, 'Heck no!' because they're worth more than what you've got!" he said.
In 2007, when Ke'onte was just eight years old, Gloria Campos featured him as a Wednesday's Child who had already learned the Golden Rule.

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...ies to speed up a child's move from foster care to adoption by establishing time frames for permanency planning and guidelines for when a child must be legally freed for adoption. The bill also removes geographic barriers to adoption by requiring that states not delay or deny a placement if an approves family is available outside the state.
Another thing that is often misunderstood by most people that want to adopt is if you can adopt another race or not. The answer to this question is yes. October 1995, the Multi-Ethnic placement act became effective. This act and subsequent revisions bar any agency involved in adoption that received federal funding from discriminating because of race when considering adoption opportunities for children.
Adoption can be safe. All children that are adopted should not have to cost that much. You should not be shopping for your child.

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