Safety And Health Of The Workplace

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The topic I chose is Safety and Health in the Workplace. I chose this topic because the working people need to be safe where they work and when they are safe they are healthy. They are able to make money to support their family or loved ones with ease. If their workplace is not safe they could end up using the money they make to pay their medical bills or they could be fired. The people who work around the world are already large in number and continuously increasing. While there are a number of those workers who die from injuries at work or contract a disease from a fellow worker and spread it farther than it should have spread. Although there has been a decline in work related injuries and deaths there are still people who are dying from injuries sustained at work. Older workers who sustain debilitating injuries spend more days away from their jobs more that their younger counterparts. Male workers having more jobs than female workers and male workers predominantly working in dangerous jobs suffer from more fatal work related injuries. Women get more health benefits when they are ...
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