Saddam Hussein as the Chief Conspirator

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Saddam Hussein as the Chief Conspirator Saddam Hussein is the chief conspirator in the perpetuation of the sanctions imposed on Iraq. It is he who gives America and the United Nations the pretext to renew the sanctions each time they are about to be reviewed by the Security Council. This matter is evident to anyone pursuing the crisis, which Baghdad fabricated with the international weapons inspectors. Every time, the Iraqi government prevents them from entering a site or a building, and then they retract and allow the inspectors to enter once the purpose of generating the crisis is fulfilled. America's aim from perpetuating the sanctions against Iraq is known. She aims at consolidating her military presence in the Gulf under the pretext of defending its countries. Hence, she is always hyping the threat posed by Iran and Iraq against the Gulf states, in order to make their rulers cling to the American protection. At present, America has huge aerial, territorial and naval forces stationed in the shores and the lands of the Gulf statelets. The latest crisis instigated by Baghdad, when she expelled the American inspectors, had other aims than the general aim reflected in strengthening the American presence and hegemony over the Gulf. America had claimed during the crisis through her defence secretary William Cohen that Iraq had acquired lethal biological weapons, and that she possessed sufficient quantities to exterminate the whole human race. This claim is in fact a message to the Jews, aimed at making them realise the dangerous consequences awaiting them if Netanyahu were to continue in his policy of confrontation with the Arabs and to work towards destroying the peace process. In addition to this, the Iraqi humanitarian needs were also highlighted during the crisis, noting that the agreement signed with the United Nations, known as "Oil for Food and Medicine" does not meet Iraq's needs, which means the Iraqi oil revenues must be increased. What is remarkable is that during the crisis, the focus was on one issue which in fact should have been evident, but it has for a long

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