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Revolutions and Sacrifices Over the years many have stated that the sacrifices the Mirabal sisters undertook in order to achieve social change, was not worth the effort. From a certain perspective, this may be true, since the Mirabal sisters took many risks and sacrifices ranging from Minerva sacrificing her own child, to sacrificing their own lives in an attempt to achieve equality. However, upon an in-depth analysis, one can observe that the brave sacrifices the sisters risked to achieve social change far outweigh the latter. For example, one of the hardest sacrifices that Minerva makes is the sacrifice of her own motherhood. Around nineteen fifty-nine, Minerva and her husband Manolo had a baby boy, Manolito. At around the same time, the underground’s efforts finally started to partake and the revolution against Trujillo was spurred. Minerva being one of the lead revolutionaries had a lot on her shoulders and was faced with the tough decision of choosing between the revolution and staying at home to take care of her child. According to Patria, when Minerva was approaching her to hand her child over, “That tense silence came upon her and then haltingly, as if not wanting to say more than she had to,”(Alvarez 155), she told Patria that she would be on the…show more content…
However, it is more important to remember that had the sisters not made the sacrifice, their movement would not have gotten the publicity and support it got after the acts by Minerva and the sisters’ brave move of going to visit their husbands even though they knew it was dangerous. Therefore, it is clear that the sacrifices that the Mirabal sisters made were very much worth it and instrumental in achieving social

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