Sacraments Essay

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Sacraments are observed in order to make God’s love visible. The sacraments are common experiences of worship in the Christian experience. In the same way that our calendars point to who we are as a people, the sacraments that we have in place also point to who we are as a people. If someone were to observe one of our sacraments, it would be easy to distinguish us from other religions. Therefore sacraments are another way of identifying worshippers of Jesus Christ.
Sacramental worship is distinguished by sign-acts. Sign-acts convey meaning. They express the encounter between God and man. Sacraments are a type of sign that involves acts, words, and objects. Objects that are used in today’s church are things such as bread, oil, water, and wine. During sacramental worship, words and action come together. The words and actions come together and reinforce each other. Sacramental worship shows others who we are. However, we must be
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If Jesus honored the sacraments, so should we. When a person coverts into Judaism, they are required to be baptized by water. Jesus humbly observed this sacrament when He went to John to receive baptism. Jesus also observed the Passover. The Passover is observed in remembrance of what God had done for the children of Israel when they were captives in the land of Egypt. Jesus didn’t abandoned sacred Jewish customs and sacraments. Instead, He used these to establish a new covenant.
The Bible doesn’t provide us with a manual as to how we should observe sacraments. However, it does provide is a foundation for us. We must be careful not to fall into the trap of the Pharisees. They Pharisees were terribly legalistic and religious people. It is because of the legalism, they had a strained relationship with God. We should avoid becoming mechanical with our sacramental worship. Instead, the sacraments should be used as tools of devotion and identity in Jesus
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