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Using CSI as a long-term strategic business tool to address the shortage of talent in critical skills areas in the South African aviation industry: A South African Airways case study


Devising a long-term CSI strategy that addresses the shortage of talent in critical skills areas in the South African aviation sector: An SAA case study

Understanding the importance of corporate social investment as a long-term strategic tool for a business: A South African Airways case study

‘Few trends would so thoroughly undermine the very foundations of our free society as the acceptance by corporate officials of a social responsibility other than to make as much money for their
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The risk is that in the future SAA will have to recruit from outside the South African borders to fill the vacancies in these specialist science and math careers, and this will be costly to the company as the airline would have to pay global parity salaries. This will eat away at the already dwindling bottom line.
Therefore a CSI strategy that would sustainably address this management challenge would be highly useful for the airline.
Over the years SAA’s CSI projects had no link to the business strategic goals. The CSI function has over the years been compliance driven as required by the South African government and has been a “feel good” exercise linked to the reputation of the company and the ‘leadership” wanting to be seen as ‘do good-ers”.

One thing Executive management, Board and the Shareholder-Government are aware of is that SAA as an airline can never thrive in an unsuccessful South African
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Personal development

From the beginning of this MBA journey the author wanted to find ways to enhance the implementation of CSI in a business beyond the public relation’s function and beyond just the reputation management space where CSI often resides.
It has always been a long-life passion of the author to conceptualise strategic ways for CSI to find and earn its space as a worthy tool that strategically contributes to a business.
The author also aims through this research to enhance the following skills: research, project management, stakeholder management, and to learn to develop an evidence-based argument. As the research work will be an avenue to gain insights of corporate social investment strategies within the airline, the study will also help the researcher identify the possible gap between current CSI practices and business strategic goals of the airline.
It is also important for the researcher as a fully rounded scholar to develop an ability by using all the tools refined during her MBA studies to conceptualise and interrogate firmly CSI strategies and conceptualise ways to enable CSI to be aligned with the intent and goals of a business
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