SWOTT Analysis: Beauty Line Organization

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SWOTT Analysis

The proposed SWOTT Analysis is prepared for the Beauty Line Organization. The report will present an analysis of external and internal environment and various recommendations for the firm to improve its profitability.


Factors Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Trend

External Factors

Legal and Regulatory Certified and Licensed products High involvement of government and legal regulations Expansion of business due t the certification and authorized products

Continuous changes in the policies and regulations Quality and standard products

Economic Strong US Economy Recession in the economic environment

Market Expansion in the rich economic area Economic Crisis High annual income of the consumers

Global International Market beyond national boundaries Lack of knowledge and Experience Demographical and geographical expansion in the global market High competition Low tariff and on-tariff barriers

Social Enough tangible and intangible resources Low brand recognition in critical competitive environment Wide range of products and services Changing requirements and demands High use of beauty products for and solutions to nourish the skin

Internal Factors

Strategy Planned growth strategy and cost leadership Lack of experience among the employees High class and Middle class segments Lack of competitive advantage due to the high number of players Implementation of HRM and TQM strategies

Culture Workforce Diversity Lack of marketing tools to promote products in different cultural environment Can tap multiethnic populations and provide integral practices Cultural Conflicts Difference in culture will lead expansion in global market

Leadership Participative and Dynamic ...

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... to improve knowledge of the employees and motivate them to achieve the objective on time. Development of various strategies on the basis of the market research would help the firm to develop organization culture (Ryall & Craig, 2003).

Company should also improve its leadership programs, performance appraisal and incentives for the employee to cope up with the organization’s strategies (Wheelan & Hunger, 2004). Internal factors of the firm are also very strong to achieve the mission and objectives of the firm on time. Effective leadership strategy and multidimensional cultural environment are the driving forces for the firm to gain new heights of success.

Thus, the evaluation of strength and opportunities would help the firm to decrease the degree of its weakness and threats and fulfill the mission and vision of the company by utilizing its resources effectively.
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