SWOT Analysis: The External And Internal Environment Of A Business

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PART 1 SWOT is a business model used to investigate a case study and can help in problem recognition. SWOT study’s the external and internal environment of a business in term of four factors, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This essay will be explaining each feature and examples will be provided. The first factor under the internal environment of an organization is the strength which defines and points the power, the capacity and the capability in doing certain or specified goods or service. It can be shown in different types sometimes a hero item, a strategy, the advertisement, the reputation and many of other models. We can take as examples Wendy’s hamburgers which are considered as a global brand by occupying…show more content…
Exactly what happened to-in Wendy’s case after acquiring several smaller companies such as Tim Horton’s and Baja fresh Mexican grill and when they chose to focus on product quality and product expansion by offering its Garden sensations. In the second hand, the threats what affect the external environment of a business are terms and facts that occurs for not achieving the goals and aims of the business and can affect the performance unconstructively. Similar to what happened when burger kids offered a few items to their menu that set apart from other fast-food restaurants and when Wendy overlooked the shift in consumer preferences from indoor dining to drive through windows. The SWOT analysis is very important to understand the external and internal factors that affect the business like the case of Wendy’s hamburgers and it will help to highlight and help in the problems that the business…show more content…
Inditex produces for serval other retail store. ZARA has grown in 86 countries till date. Amancio Ortega founded ZARA in 1975 and years later founded Inditex to expend their production. ZARA is a well known that have a vertical integration system. ZARA constitutes of Indiex’s sales. It manufactures all its garments, which represent almost 70% of its stock, through Inditex. Thus making it easy to be flexible in the variety of garments models, amount of units produced and the relative frequency of the new styles they fabricate. ZARA’s main strategy is achieving growth through diversification and vertical integration system. It quickly adapt to trends of high brands with a maximum of 14 days production from the day these brands introduces their collection and lunch on the runway. Thus embodying the idea of fast

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