SWOT Analysis: Samsung Company

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SWOT Analysis: Samsung Company

Samsung Company: Background

The Samsung Company is one of the leading companies in the world today. It traces its roots back to 1938 when Lee Byung-chull started a small trading company in Su-dong, South Korea that specialized in selling goods around the city. Later, the company grew and expanded to Seoul in 1947. With the outbreak of the Korean War, the company weakened and as soon as the war ended, Lee expanded it into the largest woolen mill in Korea. The expansion continued and within the next three decades it had diversified into other bareas, including textile, food processing, securities, retail and insurance. Samsung entered electronic industry in the second half of the 1960s and formed four electronic divisions, namely Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Corning, Samsung Electronic Devices and Samsung Semiconductors and Telecommunications.

In the mid 1970s, it had ventured into shipbuilding, but Lee’s death made it to be separated into four business groups that include: Samsung Group, Hansol Group, CJ Group and Shinsegae Group which has driven it into immense growth making it the one of the best companies today.

Mission statement

Samsung Company seems not to have an official mission, but expresses it through its philosophy. The philosophy has it that Samsung devotes its talent and technology in the creation of superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. In order to achieve this, the company sets a high value on its people and technologies.

Samsung Company: Organizational Strengths

Samsung has the widest range of product portfolio that include: Mobile phones, home appliances, TV/Video/Audio, tablets, PCs, printer, camera, camcorder, periphe...

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...to achieve its goals.

The company should make sure that they invest heavily on products that are unique and that pose greater opportunities to double in terms of sales, including the tablets. In addition, it should make sure that it maximizing the areas such as China that have proven to be beneficial in terms of sales (Luo, 2001). In neutralizing the threats, the company should work on producing unique products, that are highly effective and affordable.


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