SWOT Analysis On The National Football League (NFL)

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One of the most important tools an organization can use is a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis is comprised an in-depth look at an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (Abraham, 2012). Internal to this analysis are strengths and weaknesses while external factors are opportunities and threats. In this paper, I will develop and detail a SWOT analysis on the National Football League (NFL). Specifically, I will illustrate each component of the SWOT analysis as it applies to the NFL as well as providing ways of improving viewership. While the NFL has a unique product, the true value is derived through advertisers capturing the attention of viewers watching televised and live games. In other words, while the NFL has no direct competition in terms of another football league, any product that detracts from viewership can be considered a competitor.…show more content…
The first televised football was carried by the National Broadcasting Company in October of 1939. Approximately 500 viewers in New York were able to watch the game in the comfort of their own home (Profootballhof, 2016). From humble beginnings, the NFL has grown into a formidable giant in terms of revenue. In 2014 the NFL generated more than 7 billion dollars in revenue (Brady, 2015). The NFL offers a unique product known as American Football. Wildly popular, young children grow up watching and dreaming of someday being a player in the NFL. While there may be no direct competition in terms of competing football leagues, it does not mean football has is without competitors. Indeed, any entertainment product that garners viewership and advertising revenue during football game broadcast times can be considered a competitor to the

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