SWOT Analysis Of Tony Fernandess

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In the business world, vision must be realistic, convincing and attractive interpretation of what the organization want to be in the future. This is because vision delivers direction, indicator and sets priorities that telling us what have been achieved by the organizations. According to Bouhali et al. (2015), successful leadership requires a vision. Therefore, vision is one of the importance of leadership. This is because creating an inspiring vision of the future is done by the leaders. In order for the leaders to create a vision, they need to focus on organization’s strength by using SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Forces and others to analyze their current situation. Later on the organization’s vision that created will be turned reality which…show more content…
He was born on 30 April 1964 in Kuala Lumpur to an Indian father and a Christian Eurasian mother who mixed with Portuguese –Asian descent who had been raised in Malacca. Essentially, he would end up as a doctor just like his father. In addition, he has been a disciplined child as he followed the track chosen by his parents. Nevertheless, he already got his own plan. He left Malaysia at his young age and was sent to study abroad at the age of 12. He has furthered his studies at Epsom College in Surrey, England from the year of 1977 to 1983. He then graduated from London School of Economics in…show more content…
Tony Fernandes is currently running a lucrative enterprise, a remarkable revival of the loss making state-owned enterprise that he took over from the Government of Malaysia. Numerous of observers claimed that the fruitful of AirAsia due to the Tony’ Fernandes strong leadership qualities in himself. In short, he has demonstrated a good leadership qualities together with strong entrepreneurial skills in handling AirAsia. Moreover, his strong leadership characteristic made him managed to turn AirAsia to become one of the well-known airline brands in the sight of the world. Moreover, according to King (2013), since AirAsia under the supervision of Tony Fernandez, it continues to expand fruitfully and ready to soar the further into the

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