SWOT Analysis: Malaysian Airline System

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Company overview Malaysian Airline System (MAS) is public limited airline group based In Malaysia. Malaysian airline operates over six continents and cover over 100 different destinations. MAS is also involved in maintenance service and cargo. SWOT ANALYSIS ”SWOT analysis is a method where a structured planning can be done by evaluating the 4 factors which are strengths, weakness. Opportunities and threats” (Humphrey, 2005). Malaysian airlines can use SWOT to understand and analyze more about the external environment. STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES Strong brand image. Government support. Modern facilities and experiences. Improvement in profit. Competitive Advantage. Low margins Weak cash flow/debt problems High cost Low productivity Poor management Government interference OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Increasing global presence New destinations Expand cargo and passenger traffic Launch of firefly Rise in jet fuel prices Intense competition Foreign currency fluctuation Change in government policies and regulations Natural disasters Figure 1MAS SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Malaysian airline is popular airlines across the world. MAS has established a strong brand image in local as well as international market with good marketing and advertising. The airline covers about 100 destinations across the globe. “MAS has joined the most exclusive group of world airlines, being ranked as a 5-Star airline by the aviation rating organization, Skytrax, with just four other airlines in the world. The company was honored with the World’s Best Cabin Staff Award for 2006 “(UK Essays, 2014). MAS has 70 years of the experience in the airline industry, so the brand has won the heart of the customers and their loyal... ... middle of paper ... ...stem, the system will be built as a standalone system which is simply fed data. That will make it easier to simply switch to the backup database. Engrave of a disaster that does physical damage i.e. a fire or a natural disaster then for this case I would propose that MAS should use a HOT site backup plan that would enable a recovery that is as quick as possible. This is expensive but it is MAS’s reputation on the line and MAS does have the resources to bank roll such a project. Reconstruction Phase The recovery plan will be handled by the Disaster recovery team. All that will be done here will be structures as well as mentioned before, at the time of crisis it is not a suitable time to make mission critical decisions. This plan will guide the employees to ensure that somebody does not go beyond standard practice, in case the intervention makes the situation worse.

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