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Apple© is a company that has embedded itself in today’s culture with its innovative design, development and marketing. Almost everything that has to do with personal computing (Personal computers, mp3 players and cell phones) are manufactured and sold by Apple. The Apple brand is recognized all over the world due to strong branding of its products and logo. They command a premium price because of design aesthetics can pop culture pushes. However, with the rising popularity of android and its competitive devices, the market share of Apple is starting to shrink. The major strength of the Apple organization is creativity. They have created products that have been ahead of the power curve of the IT industry with features that look well into the future. Items such as touch screens and app store have now become the standard of mobile platforms thanks to the engineering efforts Of Apple. The others products created and offered by apple such as the ipad manage to find the rare balance between form and function. Other devices were avail at the time, but the appeal for look and system was not there. The Apple Company has maintained a specific vision of research and growth, and has a long track record of developing new products in increments so they keep the adopters willing to step out of their old devices. Apple has also created a very defined sub culture of thinking outside the box. The Apple Company has been able to re-align certain areas , due to success of its product lines, to collect a lot of money in cash. The company has over $100Bn in liquid assets avail on their balance sheet. They are often criticized by shareholders and investor about not investing in companies that support Apple, or even return the money via divide... ... middle of paper ... ...greener on the other side? I tell them... No... That is just the android logo you are looking at. Apple should continue to focus on developing and upgrading the existing iPhone and iPad products, but also look forward to the next “big thing". The next product they create may have an even higher demand than current telecommunication devices and tablet computers… the future of Apple is in their ability to think forward and widen the brand and its capabilities. My favorite example is the "iBeacon" technology that Apple has created; it is an indoor positioning system that Apple Inc. uses as low-powered, low-cost transmitter that can notify nearby Apple devices of their presence. The iBeacon also supports Android devices in a limited range, and with this it is providing a gateway for its customers to use Apple and Android devices on the same network in the living room.
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