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1. Mental Wellness at SU

2. The beat will include articles discussing issues and events related to mental health on campus. This can include articles about studies regarding mental health occurring on campus as well as studies occurring outside of SU that could have an impact on the SU community. It can include articles about students activism and student events relating to mental wellness. Also, articles about the counselling center and administrative designs regarding mental wellness.

3. Mental Wellness is a topic that many were almost completely silent about until very recently. However, in recent years it has become more and more discussed and - as a result of the fast paced, technology driven lives most college students are living - mental health issues have become more prevalent. For these reasons, Mental Wellness is a topic with lots of newsworthy stories. Institutions, like SU, are now in a position where they must respond to the fact that mental health issue are a serious issue on campus. Students are more eager than ever to talk about mental wellness and break the stigma. Studies are being conducted all over regarding
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- Dr. Felver, Psychology Professor, - Cory Wallack, Director of the counselling center, - Susan Pasco, Accosciate director of the counselling center and staff advisor for Active Minds, - Kylie Kerker, Student President of Active Minds, 425-232-4218, kmkerker@syr. edu -Delaney Airas, Communications Chair Active Minds, 347-720-2790 - Kristelle Aisaka, Health Promotion Specialist: Mental Health Promotion, 315-443-3514 - Katelyn U. Cowen, Director of the Office of Health Promotion, 315-443-3514 - Peter Vanable, Staff advisor for NAMI at SU and chair of the psychology department, 315-443-2492 - Ebony Howard, Student president of NAMI at SU, -Bethany Heaton-Crawford, Assistant Director of ODS & Counselor,

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