STEM Career Essay

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Women in STEM Career Are technology related field only for men? The answer to that is no, but many believed that it is. Technology has evolved many times throughout the past years. While others embraced the modernized technology, some are opposed it due to not being used to it. Since ancient times, women has played a minor role in society since they were expected to do a certain job, like being a housewife. Women in society has been estimated to do less than men because of gender bias that men are more superior than women. Researchers are interested to find the reason why many females avoid having jobs that are technology related. Reasons why women tend to shy away from this field is a mandatory area of research for society. It’s a necessary…show more content…
Although, trying to get women in this field is very difficult due to many reasons that involve females from going into this job. Whitecraft and Williams, stated, “Some argue that women are less likely than men to possess cognitive abilities at the extreme right tail of the distribution, which are necessary to compete in computer science” (Whitecraft and Williams 222). One of the reasons women avoid STEM jobs is because research has found that males are more capable in highly math courses than females. The subjects that males and females excel in were also researched, and were found to be an important contribution to why women are not in computer science. “Males excelled in science, mathematics, spatial reasoning, social studies, and mechanical skills. Females excelled in verbal abilities, associative memory performance, and perceptual speed” (Whitecraft and Williams 223). The fact that more men are in STEM careers is because the research indicated that males excel in science and mathematics, which are two subjects that are needed to pursue STEM jobs. The way men and women thinks is one of the reasons there are not more women in the computer science
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