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Being a master student at the university of Warwick studying analytical chemistry and heavily invested time and efforts in learning and developing different chemical, physicochemical and biophysical techniques and methods, I become very much interested to study towards the doctoral degree. Because of the importance of forensic science for life, the outstanding research accomplishment in my areas of special interest in the university of Leicester and good impression that the INTREPID program and Leicester offer young researchers a stimulating and challenging atmosphere for education and research in an international and interdisciplinary environment, I aim to fill in the position for Marie Curie early stage research fellowship in forensic science (Chemistry/Infection, Immunity and Inflammation) and contribute to the research community in the university of Leicester. My undergraduate education at the Science faculty in Zagazig University has given me a firm foundation in analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. After my graduation I joined the industrial field as a first step in my plan for my career path putting in my mind the importance of research field therefore, my focus was to join laboratory work. The first start for me was Chemanol petrochemicals where I got in-depth experience in laboratory work, designing test method and modify global ones like ASTM to fit the company’s need plus gaining experience in the process, operation and manufacturing allowed me to start modifying the catalysis used for melamine formaldehyde resin production and improve the chemical process of making hexamethylene tetramine. Then, I was offered a position of quality assurance at Proctor & Gamble with bigger scope. At P&G I got more exp... ... middle of paper ... ...I am interested in how analytical and physical research can be used to obtain valuable information in a very short period with high accuracy also I am planning to make valuable contributions to scientific world which may help solve various analytical problems in Chemistry that the world is facing. The main focus of my plan is to become a high rated PhD researcher in the field of analytical chemistry while at the same time that I also constantly scrutinise the principles of science and erudition in the light of practical application of principles and theory to the immunity, infection and inflammation science. Finally, I would be happy to join the university of Leicester which ranked as top five chemistry schools in the guardian university guide for 2014. I thank you for considering my application for study as well as a research fellowship. Sincerely, Haytham Hussein

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